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On November 29th 2016 the Oaten Hill and District Society (OHDS) merged with the South Canterbury Residents Association (SCRA) to become the Oaten Hill and South Canterbury Association (OHSCA).
We shall soon have a new website at ohsca.org with merged content but in the meanwhile, for your information, the SCRA website, with complementary content to this one, is here.


Despite the best endeavours of Canterbury Residents Associations, with other local and national organisations and many concerned individuals, who all powerfully expressed their various views, by letters of objection and evidence-based presentations at the December 13th 2016 Planning Meeting the Canterbury CIty Council Planning Committee still voted by 9 votes to 3 to accept outline planning permission for 3900 homes and detailed planning permission for 140 at Mountfield Park.

Discussion is now taking place regarding any possible legal action or referral that can still be taken
to try to avert what is expected to be a disaster for Canterbury in terms of increased air pollution, even more traffic congestion, and a severe impact on the setting of the Canterbury World Heritage site.

Our Roots - The Shrubbery.

Oaten Hill, along with Longport, forms two of the City of Canterbury's five historic medieval suburbs. In April 1974 a planning application was submitted to convert the house known as The Shrubbery, (see picture below) located at the junction of Oaten Hill and Upper Chantry Lane, into offices.

If successful this would have led to the many fine trees in the garden being pulled down.

Local residents went into action and the trees were saved. The Oaten Hill and District Society (OHDS) was also born. Today, OHDS is a lively and active amenity society with a written constitution.

OHDS area map. Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.
The Shrubbery

Currently with some 250 members, OHDS is concerned with preserving the distinctive character of what is one of the most interesting and diverse areas of Canterbury.

An energetic Local History Group forms a key element of the Society's work. A Committee administers the affairs of the Society with the opportunity to serve being open to all members.

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